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65Daysofstatic announce deluxe album release with bonus EP

Posted on 16 August 2011 by James Gentry


65Daysofstatic announce deluxe album release, We Were Exploding Anyway, with bonus EP, featuring Robert Smith of The Cure on guest vocals.  Smith lends his vocals to the album track, “Come To Me”.  The album is set to release on October 25th, 2011 via Monotreme Records.  Listen and download two of the tracks below, “PX3″ and “Crash Tactics”.
65daysofstatic ‘Crash Tactics’ by Monotreme Records

65daysofstatic ‘PX3′ by Monotreme Records
Track listing:

01. Mountainhead
02. Crash Tactics
03. Dance Dance Dance
04. Piano Fights
05. Weak
06. Come to Me
07. Go Complex
08. Debutante
09. Tiger Girl

01. Tiger Girl (Wishful Thinking Edit)
02. Sawtooth Rising
03. The Wrong Shape
04. PX3
05. Pacify
06. Beats Like a Helix
07. Guitar Cascades


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