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Listen to this track from the Sigur Rós album, Valtari, arriving May 28th

Posted on 26 March 2012 by James Gentry

Icelandic sonic landscape artists, Sigur Rós, have kindly released the track ekki múkk for our listening pleasure. Listen below.

Georg, the bands bassist, had this to say about Valtari:

“I really can’t remember why we started this record, i no longer know what we were trying to do back then. i do know session after session went pear-shaped, we lost focus and almost gave up…did give up for a while. but then something happened and form started to emerge, and now i can honestly say that it’s the only sigur rós record i have listened to for pleasure in my own house after we’ve finished it.”

More information at http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk.

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Jónsi – Go Do

Posted on 07 August 2010 by James Gentry

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Sigur Ros live in SLC with the Parachutes

Posted on 26 August 2009 by Gentry

sigur ros guitar singing

Honestly, I would have paid just as much to go see the Parachutes play on their own after seeing them open for Sigur Ros.  They were amazing in their own rite.  However, Sigur Ros was more than amazing.  They were moving.  It was like being in slow motion watching events move around you and then all of sudden feeling like you were apart of it.  Something beautiful.

As they play you keep thinking that they have hit a peak but they all of a sudden they take off again.  The sound gets more full.  You start to wonder if their is even enough room for their music and all of these people in the same building.  At one point they dropped confetti down like snow.  Pieces fell onto the drummer as he played.  It bounced off the cymbals as he hit them.  I took some home with me to remind me of the show.  Sigur Ros has for years been on my “bands I need to see list.”  Now that I have seen them I can say with out a doubt I waited way to long.  I can’t help but wonder if my life would be different had I not waited so long.  Until next time Sigur Ros, Thank you.



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