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This weekend: MeowImABunny (and Indie College EIC Mylynda Nellermoe) at SugoiCon!!

Posted on 05 November 2010 by Mylynda Guthrie

Remember the recently featured designer Heather Wells, of MeowImABunny? If you live in the North Kentucky/Cincinnati area, this weekend is your chance to grab some of her colorful tutus, super soft, pretty, legwarmers or amazing dreads and cyberlocks at SugoiCon 2010!  Joining her at the convention will be me (your Indie College Editor-in-Chief, Mylynda Nellermoe) all weekend with minute hats, classy fascinators, and various headbands – all of which I like to think are pretty adorable (hey, gotta have confidence in your products, right?).

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A Place for Artists: Heather Wells

Posted on 22 October 2010 by Mylynda Guthrie

Heather Wells

If you’ve ever had the privilege of wandering your geek-at-heart self in to an anime/manga/comic/etc. convention, then you know how fun it can be to immerse yourself in to an environment that accepts YOU. The real you. The you that worships kitschy accessories and sexy anime girls and Japanese pop stars. Or the you that would totally travel back in time to the Victorian era but also wouldn’t mind having a futuristic weapon or two to brandish from within the depths of your corsetted cleavage. Because the best thing about attending a convention is that even though everyone is wearing their differences quite literally on their sleeve (oh my, the costumes!!), the environment is an entirely united and accepting one….and it’s effing fun.

Heather Wells is one of the indie artists and designers that you may find at one of these conventions across the country, selling her original, hand-crafted cybergoth, lolita, and steampunk style clothing and accessory pieces. From stunning yarn hairfalls, to delicate lace chokers, to colorful tutus that are somehow both whimsical and sexy, Wells puts a lot of thought and care into each piece. She currently designs and distributes under her business’ name, MeowImaBunny.

Read on to find out what Wells had to say in a recent interview, and be sure to look at a sampling of what MeowImaBunny currently has available on her web site.

Indie College:  What do you have to offer the world?

Wells/MeowImaBunny: A unique way to experience the world and express yourself. I love to make custom pieces so people can showcase their personality. If you can dream it, Iwill do everything I can to make it.

IC: How did you get started?

W/MIaB: I fell in love with hairfalls the first time I ever put them on. It was an almost floor length rainbow set, which I then ran around in all night playing nerf wars. I have been making them ever since. People were always complimenting me and asking me for them, so I took the idea of selling them and ran with it.

IC: What do you love about what you do?

W/MIaB: I love it because I can make something different and exciting everyday. I love pushing myself to come up with new designs and techniques.

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