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Two Cents Presents: It’s the End of the Decade…Have You Bought Your Presents Yet?

Posted on 15 December 2010 by Mylynda Guthrie

by Mylynda Nellermoe

First of all…remember Christmas 1999? Remember when we were trying to be all cheerful and spread holiday merriment, but the news and some other crazy people were telling us to stock up on canned goods and excavate bomb shelters? Well, obviously we survived the fabled end of the world and we are now here to tell our tales of the first decade of the 21st Century. So, a big pat on the back to you, me, and everyone. Now enjoy 2011 because I heard something sketchy is going down in 2012…

Anyways, let’s talk presents. Let us not kid ourselves – gift giving and getting has become a major motivator during the holiday season. Personally, I try not to get too stuck on the idea that Christmas has become a corporate feast on our souls and etcetra, because I actually really love the act of giving a gift. I love hunting for treasures, whether they be tiny and inexpensive or extravagant and bank-breaking, that will show the family member/friend/significant other in my life that I really care and thought about who they are. In the spirit of what fun it can be to dig out gems for the people on your own gift list, Creative Director James and I wanted to gather up a list of items from independent artists and designers, as well as a few geeky delights to help you think outside of the giftwrapped box (heh..).

Etsy Darlings

Hot dang, I LOVE ETSY. Not only am a I frequent consumer inside this epic indie shopping community, but a seller as well. I think the creators of the site are clear geniuses, and they’ve created a shopping community unlike any other. It really makes me wonder why no one did this on such a grand and beautifully designed scale before, but there has to be a paragon pioneer in every area (right, Google?). Etsy has tons of great gift guides of their own, plus the ability to create and search Treasuries, which contain cohesive, user-plucked collections using various shops. Below are some hipster- and geek-chic handmade goods and art pieces that we adore from the expansive troves of Etsy.

Photographic Print – Cat in Glasses 2 – 8×10 by Instantt

I’m Not a Hipster I Just Dress Like One Illustration by NanLawson

NanLawson also has some amazing illustrations based on “The Royal Tenenbaums” available.

Wild Man Bearded Hat by Breanna Gunderson

There are lots of these kitschy, awesome crocheted beard-hat combos on Etsy, but this one is my favorite.

Dia De Los Muertos Stainless Steel Flask by DNACreations

Pierre the French Toast Necklace by ClayRunway

“Oops” Pinup Girl Vinyl Wall Decal by beepart

Elsewhere on the Web

Wee Forest Squirrel Pin Brooch on Little Odd Forest

Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos on X-treme Geek

iPlunge Phone Stand on Perpetual Kid

Musical Ruler on Suck UK

Why bang the tambourine when you can stroke the ruler?

Not so Indie…but totally awesome finds perfect for the sophisticated gadget lover in your life

Vestal DIG008 Digichord Watch (thin as a couple of compact discs!) on Watchismo

Korg Monotron Palmsize Synth on ThinkGeek.com

Collector’s Edition Slinky on ThinkGeek

There’s certain sophistication to a Slinky, right?

We’d love to see what lovelies you bought your nearest and dearest, send us your shop suggestions on the Indie College Facebook page. Happy holidays!

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