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Posted on 12 August 2010 by James Gentry

Los Angeles, CA: In the world of the band Hoodless, insubordination and quirkiness is the norm, and there’s no tolerance for the mundane. Hoodless will bring its own brand of aggressive, subversive, guitar driven rock to the masses on September 28 with their self-released CD, Music For Jerks.

“Our list of heroes and favorites is really quite a long one: From Prince to Mr. Bungle, Johnny Cash to Tony Williams, Brahms to Dimebag, Zeppelin to Kevin Gilbert,” explains B. Lee, bass player. “I think the most interesting part is that the band itself is one unique voice. Not too heavy, not too light, not too serious, not too whimsical, but at the same time not watered down or washed out. We definitely draw on our individual influences but it’s hard to pick out definitive one to one relationships after the music goes though the Hoodless filter.”

The first incarnation of Hoodless previously had their video “Don’t Waste My Time” featured on HBO and had a solid relationship with Andy Hilfiger Entertainment. When things got too hot and heavy, their original singer exploded (you’ll have to ask them how) and quite frankly, they thought it was the end.

Hoodless finally began to search for a new front man. Scanning the country for talent, they set up an exhausting regimen of ‘American Idol’ like auditions. Things were looking grim; nobody seemed to fit.

Then, they found Twon and they just had to have him as their front man. Since then, the new unit has toiled tirelessly for a year and a half on the new record, working with Grammy-award winning engineer, Geoff Sanoff (Fountains of Wayne, Green Day) and producer/mastering engineer Joe Lambert (Animal Collective, Black Label Society).

The band plans to tour extensively in the fall and hopefully into 2011. “First and foremost, we don’t suck,” Twon continues. “We work hard to make music and to produce a live show that is powerful and entertaining. Something that makes people want to sit down and listen, but at the same time, makes them want to stand up and shout. We’re also not plagued by the ‘studio magic’ syndrome. 99% of what you hear on our record is what you’ll hear live, but even better!”

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously,” Twon confides. “Our music, on the other hand? Like a heart attack…”

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