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A Place For Artists: Tamara McCoy

Posted on 03 December 2010 by Mylynda Guthrie

As told in the words of the designer herself,  Tamara McCoy.

Initially what got me started was music, to be completely honest. I always thought I would work in the music industry and be some great A&R person finding the next big thing. I then realized I knew nothing about music and wasn’t all that interested in music itself.


What I love most about it are different pieces coming together to form a whole. I love that each individual piece must sync so wonderfully with the rest; if one note is off, it changes the entire piece.

"Math is Money"

After deciding to go to (an art) school for marketing, branding, and public relations, I was drawn to graphic design. It hit me. All my life I had been doing design. When I was young, I would listen to music and recreate the music video in my head. I do the same thing, instead now, I reinterpret the music on paper or on my computer. When I hear a particularly striking lyric, I am instantly inspired, so I sit down and create. I feel I have an almost innate sense when it comes to taking lyrics and expressing the emotions, or at least my emotions, that lie between each character in a visual manner.


Each of these books were made out of a single piece of 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, bound by thread. To me, there is nothing more exciting than working within the boundaries of this blank canvas to transform it into a revealing piece of work.

"Met Her Accidentally"

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