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Two Cents Presents: Second Annual Fashionably Late Gift Post!

Posted on 22 December 2011 by Mylynda Guthrie

Last year I wrote a blog post detailing neat gift ideas a mere 10 days before Christmas, because well….that’s when I was buying Christmas gifts. I adore gift hunting and giving, and I’m admittedly cocky about my ability to bestow a unique gift perfectly tailored to the personality and interests of the giftee (true story: I gave my friend Cassie this dinosaur muffin pan today and she unabashedly flipped over it in the middle of Caribou coffee – ergo, I rock). However, I am completely horrible about waiting to the last minute to go shopping for gifts – and I feel that if you’re going to give someone their gift late, it sure as hell better one up all the gifts they received on time.

So here we are, three and a half shopping days before Christmas, and all I’ve purchased is the aforementioned dino muffin pan and some delightfully weird art for my husband.  If you, like me, are still hunting for that perfect gift that’s really going to send your pal/family member/significant other over the edge, providing you the warm holiday buzz that bringing others happiness yields, then scroll down and find some inspiration! With the help of Amber Valentine, I’ve compiled another list of truly awesome gifts for the eclectic, eccentric, and intrinsically hip people in your life that will help you to belatedly bestow holiday joy in style.

-Mylynda Guthrie

Amber’s Picks

The world’s best Canadian indie rock charity has a hoodie that’s
perfect for any banjo loving hipster. Support a good cause in style!

Yellowbird Project Hoodie

For the indie rock fan who has everything, give the gift of new music
all year round with a Daytrotter membership! And if you’re a
cheapskate, you can spring for a one month membership for your pals.
It’s only $2!

Daytrotter Membership

Almost everyone has an iphone these days but me, right? Well, since I
can’t enjoy these sweet classic rock phone covers, you should gift
them to the biggest Beatles and Bowie fans in your life, respectively.

Urban Outfitters Bowie iPhone Case

From the Ramones to Tupac to Kiss, Funko has something for everyone in
their line of Pop figurines. I don’t know about you, but I think these
would be just the thing to spice up any boring desk top.


Wilco coffee mugs!

Wilco Coffee Mugs
Perfect to drink your Wilco coffee out of!

Kanye West’s twitter is one of the more meme-worthy things to happen
on the internet since the advent of social networking. What living
room is complete until they have a little bit of Kanye’s trademark
egotistical witticisms hand stitched and framed on the wall?

Supervelma Etsy Shop

Another hand crafted etsy gem are these cookies that feature one of
the best characters on television, Ron Swanson from NBC’s indie-tastic
Parks & Rec. I mean, the show did name drop Neutral Milk Hotel twice
so it’s obviously got cred.

Whippedbakeshop Etsy Shop


Mylynda’s Picks

I started going to Modcloth.com for the clothes, but I stayed for the whimsical home accessories.

These classic yet unconventional mugs come with an owl, fox….or shark. Amazing.

Beau-tea-ful Surprise Mug in Owl

I also lust for Modcloth’s carefully plucked collection of DIY craft books, like this all-encompassing book of indie-inspired crafts from Jo Waterhouse.

Indie Craft book


Antique frames can cost a pretty penny, but this tin frame from Anthropologie can be had for $28.

Weathered Tin Frame


These chalkboard skulls from Etsy seller iamhome come in a variety of colors, but in my home we live by the mantra “when in doubt, paint it flat black.”

iamhome on Etsy

Dinner and a Murder has several kits for hosting a murder mystery party, as well as costumes, music, and game packs available for instant download to help you throw a New Year’s Eve party that no one will soon forget.

Dinner and a Murder

Print media is not dead. Gift a magazine subscription the easy way – pay online and have it sent straight to their home. I like the element of surprise in giving magazine subscriptions, and getting an unsolicited issue of AMP is so much better than ValuPak coupons for new gutters and fruit baskets.


AMP magazine                                         Filter Magazine


As ThinkGeek writes in their description “First the spirit inhabits the skull, then it inhabits you.”

Doomed Crystal Shotglass








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Two Cents Presents: It’s the End of the Decade…Have You Bought Your Presents Yet?

Posted on 15 December 2010 by Mylynda Guthrie

by Mylynda Nellermoe

First of all…remember Christmas 1999? Remember when we were trying to be all cheerful and spread holiday merriment, but the news and some other crazy people were telling us to stock up on canned goods and excavate bomb shelters? Well, obviously we survived the fabled end of the world and we are now here to tell our tales of the first decade of the 21st Century. So, a big pat on the back to you, me, and everyone. Now enjoy 2011 because I heard something sketchy is going down in 2012…

Anyways, let’s talk presents. Let us not kid ourselves – gift giving and getting has become a major motivator during the holiday season. Personally, I try not to get too stuck on the idea that Christmas has become a corporate feast on our souls and etcetra, because I actually really love the act of giving a gift. I love hunting for treasures, whether they be tiny and inexpensive or extravagant and bank-breaking, that will show the family member/friend/significant other in my life that I really care and thought about who they are. In the spirit of what fun it can be to dig out gems for the people on your own gift list, Creative Director James and I wanted to gather up a list of items from independent artists and designers, as well as a few geeky delights to help you think outside of the giftwrapped box (heh..).

Etsy Darlings

Hot dang, I LOVE ETSY. Not only am a I frequent consumer inside this epic indie shopping community, but a seller as well. I think the creators of the site are clear geniuses, and they’ve created a shopping community unlike any other. It really makes me wonder why no one did this on such a grand and beautifully designed scale before, but there has to be a paragon pioneer in every area (right, Google?). Etsy has tons of great gift guides of their own, plus the ability to create and search Treasuries, which contain cohesive, user-plucked collections using various shops. Below are some hipster- and geek-chic handmade goods and art pieces that we adore from the expansive troves of Etsy.

Photographic Print – Cat in Glasses 2 – 8×10 by Instantt

I’m Not a Hipster I Just Dress Like One Illustration by NanLawson

NanLawson also has some amazing illustrations based on “The Royal Tenenbaums” available.

Wild Man Bearded Hat by Breanna Gunderson

There are lots of these kitschy, awesome crocheted beard-hat combos on Etsy, but this one is my favorite.

Dia De Los Muertos Stainless Steel Flask by DNACreations

Pierre the French Toast Necklace by ClayRunway

“Oops” Pinup Girl Vinyl Wall Decal by beepart

Elsewhere on the Web

Wee Forest Squirrel Pin Brooch on Little Odd Forest

Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos on X-treme Geek

iPlunge Phone Stand on Perpetual Kid

Musical Ruler on Suck UK

Why bang the tambourine when you can stroke the ruler?

Not so Indie…but totally awesome finds perfect for the sophisticated gadget lover in your life

Vestal DIG008 Digichord Watch (thin as a couple of compact discs!) on Watchismo

Korg Monotron Palmsize Synth on ThinkGeek.com

Collector’s Edition Slinky on ThinkGeek

There’s certain sophistication to a Slinky, right?

We’d love to see what lovelies you bought your nearest and dearest, send us your shop suggestions on the Indie College Facebook page. Happy holidays!

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