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Band of the Day: Crash Encore

Posted on 26 August 2009 by Mylynda Guthrie

“What Damaged Mylynda’s Hearing in San Diego But Kept Her Coming Back For More,” Day 3 (Author’s note: I’m going to keep making these long names up until somebody suggests a snappier title.)

About one year ago, a guy approached me during a show at the Casbah. After going through the usual formalities that accompany the whole “boy hits on girl” ritual, he told me “I hope you’re going to stay for this next band. They’re friends of mine, and they’re so great. I’ll get you a cd!” I declined, not wanting to take advantage of my situation and accept a gift from a stranger, but I did stay. I was so glad that I did.

I’d gone to the show to see the Silent Comedy (mentioned on day one of this installment), and wondered who these other group of dudes were wandering around in vests and porkpie hats. Though they opt for a vintage look, Crash Encore are anything but outdated – they are quite classic, actually. They play wonderful pop songs that are pulled off perfectly by vocalist Jon Bishop’s sweet voice. Bishop is one of those rare people who is an artist through and through. He doesn’t have a separate stage persona and a daily image. The guy who hit on me that night wasn’t kidding, they were friends – as we became accquainted, I spent time around Bishop and the other bandmates (and bonded with his Minnesotan girlfriend), and was always struck by how clever and creative – and deceptively aloof – the guy was at all times. He also wasn’t kidding about them being great. After seeing their set that first night, I accepted the free album, and then I got it signed.

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