JamesCreative Director

James Gentry was born in Northern California but being a navy brat eventually landed him in South Carolina where he grew up eating large amounts of biscuits and gravy and passed the time playing blues harmonica.  At 21 he moved to Illinois, then, Seattle where he attended school for audio production.  With a love for music, art, and design, James drove to Utah where he ran sound for hundreds of shows, managed a local music venue, sharpened his web development skills, and recorded a few tracks of his own. Now-a-days he can be spotted in various cities coast to coast. We realize that’s vague but really we can never keep track of him.

“James is genuinely hilarious.  You think that witty thing you just said was awesome, but James has already thought of ten ways to make it funnier.  He is a talented musician, a very giving person, and has excellent taste in sweet potato fries.  James has a very pleasing, baritone voice.  If you heard it, you’d wish he was posting audio reviews on indiecollege.”


Mylynda Editor in Chief

Mylynda Nellermoe is a traveling girl with a Midwestern heart.  Born and raised near Minneapolis, Minn., Mylynda began honing her writing skills during a two year internship for a weekly newspaper while still in high school.  Armed with a polished vocabulary and a passionate appreciation for independent music, she began lending her talents to bands by penning their biographies and reviewing albums. She left the nest at 20 for sunny San Diego and got to literally “rock the Casbah.” She now resides in Cincinnati, OH, where she swears there is a burgeoning alt-country music scene. She shares an apartment with her bearded fiancee where every wall is covered in punk show posters, and psychobilly and golden oldies can be heard on the regular. When she’s not here on Indie College, Mylynda’s writing for TRACERmagazine and Radio Free Chicago, or giving a boost to the working indie band on her PR label Records Are For Lovers.

“She’s Motivated. Some of us can’t keep up with one job.  Mylynda rocks up to 5 at a time.  She’s Talented.  She’s  been writing since before she could walk.  Pretty.  You see the pictures.”




Christine Gentry was born and grew up.  Now attending Wells College (a tiny, rocking liberal arts school in Aurora, NY), she once mentioned to her brother she liked the Indie College website and presto!  Luckily, while Christine’s Woody Allen-esque waffling makes her all but unintelligible in speech, she’s an English literature major.  However, her only qualification for writing music reviews is that one time Barbara Carellas told her she had exquisitely odd taste in music.  Christine also enjoys collecting teas, driving ridiculous distances at disturbing speeds, and writing bios at four-thirty in the AM.


Mike was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT and loves it there. He found his love for music through popular bands such as: Megadeth, Oingo Boingo, Stratovarius, and Powerline. From there, his musical palate branched out to include just about everything. He retains a special place in his heart for the harder hitting music.

“Mike doesn’t just do. He does awesome. And as much as he says he hates Worms: Armageddon, he’s lying.”


Amber Valentine was born in Detroit Rock City and bought Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea when she was twelve at the advice of a record slinger in the suburbs. It was all uphill from there. She currently has two tattoos of Elliott Smith song lyrics. This probably makes her pretty legit. By day, she mans the helm at Radio Free Chicago, as well as waxing poetic on her personal life in record reviews and editorials for RFC sister sites Mezzic and Indie College. By night, she sells tee shirts for bands at indie rock shows. It’s been said that she’s the world’s best merch girl but she’s not one to perpetuate rumors.

Amber Valentine can be summed up in two quotes, said around the same time by two people whom have never met. “You’re like a hip energizer bunny. I love it,” says Indie College’s own Mylynda Nellermoe, upon learning of Valentine’s crazy work ethic. As for Mark Fain? He once told Amber “If you’re not wearing pants, you’d better be making me bacon.” That pretty much speaks for itself.

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